IT Support

Stay Connected! We offer IT support for Mac and Windows and mixed IT environments.

We keep your email, broadband and Wi-Fi running smoothly and install new systems where required. We work closely with you to identify the future IT needs for your business to ensure that you have the best infrastructure set up.

From setting up networks to connect your teams and supporting workflow with office tools and installing software / hardware and everything in-between.

We work closely with you on site visits and can help remotely to ensure fast and efficient delivery of the project.

If you've got a plan you'd like to get started on, we would be happy to offer our advice.

Data Storage

If you're looking for peace of mind for your data storage, we can help here. We can set up automated in-house data storage servers to manage this for you. The back-up servers store your data and contact you via email for reassurance that data is being stored and backed up securely.

We are specialists in cloud based data storage for file sharing and offsite backups.

Data recovery

When data recovery is needed we have the tools to help. Maybe you haven't had a back -up system set up yet or you have some data on an old device that you'd like to get back. Perhaps its a damaged device that holds your important data.

In some cases component repair may be needed for devices before the data recovery process can start. In each case we will identify the best method for data retrieval and discuss this with you.

For damaged devices we always advise that these are packaged and protected well in transit while they are in this fragile state. We are here to offer more advice on this if needed.

Computer health checks

If your system has become slow and needs a health check, we're here to assist. From software conflicts, virus and hardware failures, Databugs can help by servicing the machine to bring it back up to speed.


Databugs has vast skills and knowledge in the repair of components and devices. From installing new screens for laptops and desktops to chip repair we can advise on the best way forward if you have a computer in need of repair.